Create Lasting Memories (and Delicious Dishes) with "Musicians, Memories & Morsels" Cookbook

Cookbooks are a dime a dozen these days: just about anyone can put together a series of recipes, give it a catchy name, and throw it out on an over saturated market. Once in a while, a truly unique...

Cookbooks are a dime a dozen these days: just about anyone can put together a series of recipes, give it a catchy name, and throw it out on an over saturated market. Once in a while, a truly unique and engaging cookbook comes along that truly changes things up in a unique way.

Musicians, Memories and Morsels Cookbook
Musicians, Memories and Morsels Cookbook

"Musicians, Memories & Morsels" by Lana Grant is one of these books. It not only offers 40 mouth-watering recipes, but it also includes multiple uplifting stories that are designed to touch your heart, engage your mind, and feed your spiritual needs.

First of all, the concept is really cool and incredibly unique. While most cookbooks tend to focus around themes such as food stuff or ethnic styles, this one is centered around the unique experiences of 40 different east-coast musicians and the food they love.

Before each recipe, readers will be introduced to a variety of Granite Records recording artists. This Nashville-based independent company has been producing unique Christian folk and country music since 1992. Founder Lana Grant helped bring the book together, wrote her own section, and an illuminating introduction:

"The decision to include raising awareness for Mental Illness in this book, which is a cause very dear to my heart, has me inspired to keep working hard and challenging limits. This is one of those projects that takes on a spirit of its own and I'm grateful to be along for the ride."

Musicians Memories Morsels
Musicians Memories Morsels

Right away, the book sets a friendly, caring tone, especially with Grant's revelation of the fund-raising aspect of the book. It gives the book and its stories a special poignancy you simply won't get in any other kind of cookbook.

And what of the recipes and stories? They're flawless: each story is highly detailed, humorous, and touching. And every recipe is elegantly written, simple to understand, and easy to follow.

Grant starts things off strongly with "Everything's Better with Bacon!" a story about the ways she improves all her food with heavy doses of that magic meat. Laugh along as she details her successes (and failures) in integrating bacon in bold new meals and dishes.

Nathan Rogers writes a similarly themed story "Yum, Yum, Pig's Bum," where he discusses the various ways the meat from the rear end of a pig can be used to create irresistible dishes.

Or feel your mouth watering along with Shirley Jackson in her tale "Mom's Biscuits & Gravy." In this story, she describes the impossible deliciousness of her mom's signature dish and her attempts to make them on her own.

For many people, the $35.44 price tag may seem a little steep. After all, many cookbooks can sell for as little as $5-$10 bucks. However, this isn't just a simple cookbook: it's a storytelling tome filled with heart warming tales and affirmations of faith.

And it's also written for a good cause: can you say the same about your low-fat Chinese food recipe guide?

In conclusion, "Musicians, Memories & Morsels" is the kind of cookbook we wish would get written more often. It comes with a truly unique angle that separates it from its competitors. And it execution is spot on: there isn't a single recipe that sounds gross or inedible or a single story that seems too excessive or unrealistic to enjoy.

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